Friday, September 24, 2010

going the distance

I had so much fun at the Whole Foods farmer's market in Short Pump yesterday.  Some of my family stopped by, Betty and Sarah, which I couldn't have been more excited about!  Thank you to you both for supporting our endeavors.  Words cannot express my deep appreciation towards you.  I will be making custom shirts for you both, I'm thinking tie-dyed polo shirts, for you to wear with pride.  I know I love a tie-dyed polo shirt. It's hip and classy!

I want to throw a shout out to my friend Anna. Hi Anna! annaB is an allergen free baker and she is just delightful and sharp as a tack! Thank you so very much for making your delicious wholegrain gluten-free/casein free bread and sugar cookies for Pelham.  They are oh so yummy and totally nutritious.  I hope you enjoy your edamame from GreenHearts Farm.  It's a labor of love picking those little suckers, but my soybean dip is so worth it!  Thank you for making each market fun! I will miss annaB's gluten-free at the Ashland farmer's market but I'm glad to know you and know where to find you when we need our bread and cookie fix, hahah!

I have been so busy lately making loads of fall inspired shirts, reusable bags, picking soybeans (which I will have to do again as soon as the sun comes up), taking care of my children and husband, cleaning and cooking. Whew, I'm tired from just typing all of that! hahah.  But, I'm take time aside and trying to eat even more healthy than I have been lately.

I think I had a real wake-up call yesterday when I got Pelham his favorite french fries at McDonald's after a good report from pre-school. I was so heartily embarrassed because we try and consume mostly local foods and here I was in line buying my son a "treat" which is more toxic than I realize.  I wanted to slip out of line when I realized my folly, but I was blocked in by a big truck belonging to another lady whose child is in the same pre-school class as my son.  My car is a poster for Locavore, and yet here we were. I feel rotten for doing it but my mistake has inspired me to do better and be more mindful of our food choices. I just can't imagine a childhood without delicious, fun food.  Well, I will just have to make it for  him using fresh ingredients and traditional methods.  But, I did get him something fun lately.  I bought lollipop molds for me to make dye-free, organic fruit and veggie suckers using real cane sugar.  I will have those for sale as soon as I perfect my method.  Which I'm so excited for.  I can't wait to make pumpkin praline or wassail flavored for us adults!  I should have them for sale by Halloween.  Wouldn't it be nice to hand out organic lollipops to kids? You just gotta have fun food when you are young.

I met a woman who inspired me to eat healthier at Whole Foods last night.  GreenHearts was there and she was the table beside me and boy was she a fascinating woman in her 70's who feels great, looks great and eats a raw, plant based diet. You go girl!  So, thanks to you, I have raw almonds in my window soaking so I can make fresh almond milk this morning.  I'm going to save the pulp to have almond butter later with a banana (not local but of so delicious).  I can't imagine a world without bananas and avocados.  I eat one or two a day of each!

Now, it's time to break out my sewing machine and make some reusable snack bags from recycled tablecloths!  I've never done it before so wish me luck.

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