Monday, October 25, 2010

Gluten-Free Pizza, project: With Love, project: Faith LOVE Hope Chests

Hello All!  We have been baking and eating up a storm at GreenHearts Farms.  I have recommitted myself to making more gluten-free dinners for the entire family instead of making four different meals like I'm a dietitian, even the Hubs likes them too.  Last night I made a ginormous gluten-free, vegan pizza that was AMAZING!  I have tried my hand at making gluten-free pizza crusts so many times just for them to fail, but this one was perfect! I nailed it! I wish I had taken a picture but I may be making them for the farmer's market or special orders selling them as focaccia bread / pizza crust because they will be already baked.  All you do is throw on your toppings and bake your pizza until it is piping hot. How wonderful is that?!

Oh, I wish I had my camera right now because I'm just about to start cutting this huge bolt of flannel into scarves and corn pillows and I wanted to show the process. Oh well.

We are having the weirdest weather in Caroline County today.  I go outside to the garden and begin to pull weeds and then it clouds up and I hear thunder, so I make my way inside to do my rainy day things, like blog, and then I sit down and it is sunny and beautiful again. Yuppppp, wait, now it's dark again.  Weird.

I just want to throw this out there again, I know everyone is tired of me asking, but please, please, please donate your gently used white shirts to project: With Love.  I have tie-dyed everything in this house and it has gone to the shelter, Chris has no more white shirts, nor do I in my closet.  This project is at a stalemate because no one has donated.  I feel like my idea of recycling shirts for the needy was a bad idea.  My mom said something to me, which she wasn't intending for the statement to be applied to me, but I think of it often.  If you think that you are a leader and you have a really good idea and need followers or helpers, donations, whatever, and you look around you and you find yourself standing alone with big ideas and no one to backing you up.  You aren't a leader at all. . .  (insert big sad sigh here)

Also, I want to start another project called: Faith LOVE Hope chests for young ladies.  I made one for my cousin, who I love dearly. She doesn't know it yet because I will be delivering it to her next weekend, but it is a hope chest for young ladies to put away things for their future like dish towels that are cute for her house or a cool platter or picture for their wall.  Young ladies can look forward to the future when they are the managers of their own home and have their own family, and may find a great fountain of happiness in preparing and putting aside things for that special day.  I would like to teach groups of teenage ladies how to be the Proverbial Wife in Proverbs 31.  I think it is important to know what a good wife and mother is and Proverbs 31 just shows us a bit of a check list of things that every girl should know and do for her family.  I never knew that this little gem was in the bible till recently.  It was one of the readings at my Grandmother Woellner's funeral last year (my mother read it to the congregation at the memorial for Grandmother) and I told Pastor Randy that I had never read it before.  He was a bit shocked, seeing that he married me to my husband over 5 years ago.  Ever since that day I have held that life altering scripture to my heart and it spurs me on to do my best at market, in the home, with the needy, you know, it has shaped out my life to be one of deep satisfaction.  Go give it a glance and tell me what you think.
Oh yes, so my point was, if you have a chest or trunk that you are not using, you can donate it to us and I refurbish the whole thing with paint, cloth, ribbon, hardware, poly, and a big cross, heart and anchor on the top with many coats of poly over the symbols representing faith, LOVE and hope.
Your Friend,