Friday, March 30, 2012


Reginalds PB and MOCHI!!!
Last growing season, I was setting up my table and treats for the Whole Foods farmers market at Whole Foods Market in Short Pump, RVA.  I got there late, of course, because it is so hard to find a sitter, get the sitter to come on time, while I pack up my truck by 2:30 to make it to market by 3:30 and magically set up by 4 pm. And then, I just can't help it, I usually talk for a good 15 minutes to all of my great friends and forget entirely, what the heck I am there for.  Then there is the mad scramble.  Everyone helps me unload, unless they have a customer at their table, and then it is showtime.

Well, I was at the end of the row, as usual. Late, as usual, or later than the early bird vendors.  But, someone came later.  This cool kid from Pakistan who was taking a class on agriculture at a nearby community college.  He was so stoked about the growing season, and had a few berry bushes with him and handed out cards to the patrons, saying that if they wanted to plant an edible garden, to give him a call in the fall.  This kid was on FIRE!  I mean, he was so super energetic and passionate about plants, that it was so much fun to be beside him.  He and his propped up crates of repotted plants and his wonky sign, chattering like crazy and sweating profusely in the hot sun. His completely spastic behavior was marvelous and refreshing! This guy gets it! He reminded me of my childhood friend Sanjeeve who was the coolest and most energetic kid, besides Brad Sanders, in our little 5th grade class at St. Lukes school.  Hopping from here to over there and running in circles with his arms stiff as a board like a robot gone haywire.  It was the 80's, lots of silly robots were featured in almost EVERY movie and TV show and it was the trickle down effect. So of course, we could all act like robots, make robot shifting noises, and talk in a monotone and, of course, play Bricks on our personal computers all afternoon long (or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego). We were super cool kids.

After the market was over and he talked my ear off about his passion for plants, we all went inside for our dinner and groceries, which is half the fun of being a vendor at the Whole Foods market.  I bumped into him again when I was looking for Earth Balance butter when he screamed "MOCHI!!!!!".

"MOCHI!!!! They have MOCHI!!!  I used to eat this all of the time when I was in Japan!!!!"

I look at the tile of food he has in his hands and ask, "is it good?"

"This stuff is awesome!  You bake it and it fluffs up.  Then you can fill it with anything! MOCHI!!!!"

Reminds me of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates would knock down walls with a sledge hammer and scream, "TAWANDA!!!!"

MOCHI and Reg's PB!!!
Of course now I will have to scream, "MOCHI!!!!" when I'm lifting huge wheelbarrows  full of gravel for now on.  Last year my word was "DRAGO!!!" from Rocky IV when I was giving it all I've got.  My neighbors are really going to think I'm from a different planet entirely.  They can't see me through the pine blind but they can hear me yell the random, KEMPER!!! or PELHAM!!! or DRAGO!!!! and now I will add  MOCHI!!!! to my list of expletives! haha!!

So, it's a few months later and every time I am at Whole Foods, I see this MOCHI!!! and I'm reminded of the exuberant guy beside me at market that I have never seen since.  Last month I bought some, and now I'm completely hooked.  Not only is it super fun to eat, you get to fill it with all sorts of deliciousnessiosity. :)

Today I filled it with equal parts: Reginald's Peanut Butter, VA sorghum molasses (honey, maple or agave works well too), and vegan cream cheese.

Cut Mochi Squares
All you do is cut your MOCHI!!! tile into 1 inch by 1 inch pieces and bake it in a 450 degree oven for 10 minutes.  Pull it out.  Give a minute to cool, and slit open one of the sides and fill it with a tsp. of whatever you like.







  1. Oh My Just had a blast reading your blog just now. LOL! Best couple of minutes I've spent all day! Will try this MOCHI!
    Thanks Jen You Rock!!

  2. Hey, do you cook it again after putting peanut butter in it? Just sayin?

    1. Hi Lynn!! You cook it before you put the peanut butter inside. :) have fun with you MOCHI!!!