Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farm Girl Glam!

Hi Friends! I don't really know why I have to blog about this but I just do! I feel like I have to pass it on to you and you and you! So a very Merry Unbirthday to you!  Here's my latest and greatest "and that's a good thing", hahah! Martha Stewart.  She and I have so many things in common, our love of lemons, and I really liked her crocheted shawl thing when she got out of jail.  She looked lovely and set a trend for like two years with that little number. You go Girl! Now, you know I don't agree with her business practices of the past and what landed her in jail but I think she is cute and quirky. And we all learn from our mistakes.  I'm not judging.

Back to why I brought you here, hahah!  Two words: Baking Soda. . .BAM!

Oh yes, baking soda is the word, haven't you heard?!  It's good for so many things, cooking kale and washing and exfoliating your face so you look Farm Girl Glam!  So get on your sundress, cowgirls, and but on your boots! Let's ham it up with this homemade recipe for baby soft skin!

Here are the deets. . .I made a paste with two tablespoons of baking soda and a wee bit of water.  Mixed it up and rubbed it gently on my face.  Then, using lukewarm water, I slowly massaged the paste, adding water until it was completely gone, like a one minute process. Towel dried, and VIOLA! Instant Farm Girl Glam that cost me mere pennies! Y'all, I'm serious. Baby soft skin!

Go out there and GLAM! and HAM! it up.


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